The truth about Kawasan Falls

It’s time you all knew…

Kawasan falls isn’t as picturesque as it’s made out to be, I have seen so many videos on Facebook of how amazing it is and I think to myself omg I want to go there! And then I sit and think, wait.. I did go there and it’s not like that at all.

Here’s a photo I uploaded on Instagram while there.. Yes it’s got a filter on and I made the water look extra blue…

But before i tell you what it’s really like there is a really long story behind this whole day that I want to tell you about, because although it wasn’t at the time it’s pretty funny. So me and Finn woke up really early (I’m talking 6AM) it was our last day on the island of Cebu and we had finally got around to doing the one thing we wanted to do most  there.. visit Kasawan falls. We wanted to be the first there to make sure it wasn’t busy.

After getting ready I went to grab my camera but it wasn’t anywhere to be seen? Bit worrying… This camera was my life!! It had every single photo we have taken on, some uploaded but some I had no other record of. I was gutted, the night before we had sat in McDonald’s (Philippine food was pretty shitty) and I definitely remember having it there, so that means I either left it there or in the tuc tuc (small carriage pulled by a man on a motorbike- sometimes dodgy) that took us home.

The tuc tuc

We checked the place again nowhere to be seen? What do we do now? Go to Kasawan; appreciate its beauty but be in a really bad mood because I’ve lost my camera and not get any pictures to show the world how amazing it is? Or try and do the impossible and hunt down my camera in a third world country where a camera is worth a years worth of food for your family of 12.

We decided to look for the camera… Firstly we found the tuc tuc guy and asked him kindly if he had seen the camera when we left? (We thought if he had he probably would keep it anyway and we were very suspicious that he had it) he said: ‘no, no I haven’t seen it’. So we asked him to drive us to McDonald’s and check if it was found, we thought if we get them to check the cameras and I can see me leaving with the camera, he has it. McDonald’s wouldn’t let us check the camera without a lost or stolen letter from the police. So we asked the tuc tuc driver to take us to the police station… We thought, this will put him to test, the criminal taking the victims to the police station? Surely not😂 but he took us. We went in and they too were suspicious of the tuc tuc driver. They wrote the letter and they followed us and the tuc tuc driver back to McDonald’s.

After waiting 2 hours for the manager to hear back from the head office whether we could watch the tape, I turned to Finn and said I’m 90% sure I had that camera on my lap on the way home last night. So I decided I’d go back with the tuc tuc driver and check the place one last time. I checked and nope, definitely not there.

When I returned we waited another 2 hours, still no word from HO. The police men were getting tired and left, it’s 12:00pm now and the chances of finding my camera are looking bleak, our last day in Cebu is ruined and we have missed early doors at Kawasan. We decided to call it a day and just go home. One last time we asked the driver if he had seen it and insinuated there would be a reward if he did (We basically accused him and offered him money to give it us back), still he hadn’t seen it. What did Finn find within 2 minutes of walking through the door? My camera. We can not believe after all of that, it was here all along. And believe me this isn’t the only story with a similar outome😂

It’s now 1pm but sod it we are going to Kawasan falls, busy or not. When we got there it was full of people telling us, we NEEDED a ride up to the falls because it’s a long walk uphill and it will take you hours. We didn’t bother, we can do this💪🏼😂 in the end it took 20 minutes max. Everyone wants your money here but that’s nothing new in SE Asia.

When we got there we were pretty gutted. So again I’ll show you photo we posted…

Beautiful right? In matter of fact the water it is pretty blue but it’s hard to really appreciate that with the hundreds of people swarming the place.. What you didn’t see on my Instagram post was what stood behind me…

And this is what we saw, after all that.. We arrived in ‘heaven’. Nope, nah this isn’t the Kawasan falls I’ve seen. And to hire out the little raft thing and truly get good pictures it costed a bomb (on our budget) we didn’t really want to so we had to climb around a number of rocks phone and camera in hand- around the falls to get our pictures and make it look tranquil.

So here is real life Kawasan, the waterfall isn’t really that big but I guess it is still a beautiful place. It’s just a big dissapointment to see a load of kids with helmets and life jackets on everywhere.

And now every time I see a video on Facebook of places that are absolutely out of this world, I’m like is it really though…

The place that blew me away the most while traveling was one that I had never even heard of until I got there, definitely not something I had already seen on Facebook.


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