So after what I’ve been through with my skin this year I thought it was important I share my story with many of you who may have suffered or are suffering with acne.

I was completely shocked at how my skin quickly turned for the worst when I started university this year at 19. It’s funny because most people  say that your spots are just a ‘teenage’ hormonal problem that will go away eventually but for many that’s not the case. I had perfect skin throughout most of my teenage years, and I only broke out with cystic acne when I eventually left school.

After trying a few different drugs to cure my acne, I went to the doctors around November time and managed to get prescribed accutane. It’s a very ‘hard’ drug as they say, with severe side effects that are not to be taken lightly. One of the most well known are it’s correlation with depression and a few cases of suicide. However, I was very lucky in the fact it didn’t effect my mental health. The only thing that did make me obviously upset and unhappy with the way I looked and felt was my skin. I was on the drug for 6 months before my skin cleared and honestly it was the worst 6 months of my life.

I took pictures all the way through so I could keep track of whether it was actually improving or not.

So this is my bare faced skin while travelling in July 2016 – as you can see it’s perfectly clear.

This angle really isn’t the one. But I never expected to be posting this 🙃 but as you can see I started to get a few spots after being home. From travelling in September 2016.

In November – This was really horrible because, I had just started uni and I was meeting all new people and as shallow as it sounds all I could think about was trying to hide my face and how ugly they must think I am with the state of my skin. It just got worse and worse 🙄 it started all over my forehead and this was the point where I was desperate for anything to help my skin!

I regularly used face masks which helped a LOT. This one pulled out all my impurities and got rid of any oil on my skins surface.

After a month of being on accutane (December 2016) my skin was at its very worst. The spots were itchy and under the skin so not even poppable. One of the big downsides to the drug is that it does really flare your skin up in the first 1-3 months and for me it got so much worse.

I started to really see the side effects of the drug by January. The drug drys you from inside out, I was suffering with extremely dry eyes to the point that they would stick together when I sleep and I’d struggle to open them in the morning. I visited the opticians so many times but they just didn’t  improve and are still very dry now. I couldn’t even wear contacts for the 6 months I was on it. My arms completely dried out too and I had to lather Vaseline on them each night to keep them soft.

After all the horrible side effects and spots it did start to go down by about may time. But I was left with these horrible scars that look just as bad as the spots themselves😤

I’ve started using a few different products to help my scars fade and I’m finally noticing the difference. THANK THE LORD 🙏🏼 and this is my skin now… (the sun helped a lot too)  But the aim of this blog post is just for all you girls (and boys) suffering with acne is to know that there IS ALWAYS a solution to your skin and it won’t be bad forever!😽 make sure you see a doctor if you are suffering with acne and make sure you choose the right skincare to look after your needs!

If anyone wants to know what I use on my skin now to keep the scars away! Please message me I’m happy to help ♥️